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  • Help the skin retain significantly more moisture
  • Are powerful ll antioxidants
  • Are excellent exfoliants with less irritation
What do you want for your skin?

You want your skin to feel smoother and softer. You want your skin tone to be bright, even and appear healthy. You want that youthful glow it once had. You want these things for your skin now, not later.

You have always been told, "No pain, no gain." Products and programs that deliver these results are harsh, irritating and drying, Your skin has to lookworse before it looks better. Until now.

What are AFAs?

AFAs are a unique, patented skincare technology based on the arnino acids of your skin's natural moisture systern This technology produces results quicklj without the harsh dryness and irritation. Your skin will begin to improve immediately and will continue to look good as it continues its transformation.

What do AFAs do?

AFAs work in three ways: exfoliation, hydration and anti-oxidation. The typical irritation experienced with exfoliation is balanced by natural hydration and the anti-inflammatory qualities of anti- oxidation

Your skin will begin feel smoother and softer immediately as hydration increases and exfoliation begins to take place.

Fine lines and wrinkles will diminish in appearance with gentle exfoliation and skin that is better hydrated.

Skin tone will appear brighter and sun damage will even out through the combination of anti-oxidation and exfoliation.

See the Differences

The dramatic results for reducing visible sun damage with AFAs are demonstrated by the before and after pictures below. The top two pitures are the results of using both the Daily Home Progtarn and the Professional Peels in office. These pictures are 3 months apart. The bottom two pictures utilize ultraviolet lens photography with a patient that only used the Daily Home Program. These pictures are 5 months apart.

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The AFA Products are only avaliable through your dermatologist or plastic sergeon